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Almost there - just $6,591 to go...
The Paivika Buddies Campership Campaign

The 2011/2012 Campership Campaign is over, but if you forgot to contribute, don't hesitate. Contributions are accepted all year, and will be credited to next year's campaign. Thanks to everyone who helped out! Since 1947, Camp Paivika has offered summertime recreation--such as swimming, horseback riding, arts, crafts and nature studies-to children and adults with mild to severe disabilities.  Right now, Camp Paivika staff is preparing for the 2012 summer season, readying the camp to welcome this year's happy campers and counselors.

Unfortunately, California’s state budget, which previously supported camping programs for persons with disabilities, has been severely cut back.  For the first time ever, AbilityFirst was forced in 2009 to begin charging fees for a week at camp.  To prevent any camper from having to stay home because of lack of funds, launched an annual effort to raise private donations to assist families in need.  This effort has brought in more than $90,000 in the past two years, and the volunteer Paivika Champions Committee has agreed to a new goal for this year of $50,000.

Over the next several weeks you may be contacted by one of your fellow camp alumni who will ask if you are able to contribute to the Paivika Buddies Campership Campaign.   This voluntary effort will help keep the Paivika experience alive for children and adults with special needs. is a social website, so it has no security measures in place.   Information dispatched from our site over the Internet may be detected by others.   For that reason, please do not send credit card numbers to us on the web site.   AbilityFirst provides a secure web site for contributions.   You will find safe and easy links to AbilityFirst's web site located on the home page and the Camp Director’s page.   Or, go to:

Be sure to use the pull down menu to indicate that your contribution is for The Paivika Buddies Campership Campaign.   Debit and credit cards are accepted.  Another great way to contribute is to make your check payable to AbilityFirst, and mail it to:

AbilityFirst Camp Paivika
Attn: Juliana Otis
Development Manager
1300 E. Green Street
Pasadena, CA 91106

Be sure to check on this page often to see our progress.  Your contribution to the Pavika Buddies Campership Campaign will be used exclusively to provide financial assistance to campers who would otherwise be unable to attend camp.   Contributions in any amount are welcome.   Thank you for your support and be assured that a new generation of Paivika Buddies will thank you.

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